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  A Brief History of CompuShop
In 1989, Rudy Steury was the CEO and principal stock holder in The Barkalow Brothers Company. Based in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, the company operated more than 100 gift shops in hotels on a national basis and frequently received calls from smaller hotels (less than 250 rooms) which needed a gift shop to supply the various needs of their guests. The hotel industry was growing rapidly, but most of the hotels that were being added were less than 200 rooms. There was a growing need in the hotel industry for gift shops in smaller properties. The problem was that lower sales revenues and consistant labor costs simply prohibited a profitable gift shop in a hotel of less than 250 rooms. Rudy began to explore the possibility of creating an "automated" hotel gift shop that would not incur labor labor costs.

By 1991, having explored several possibilities regarding an automated shop, Rudy began to design and build what would eventually become the world's first wholly automated shop and Compu Shop, Inc. was created.

In 1995 an  automated shop was installed at the Sheraton Colony Square in Atlanta, Georgia. The shop was well received by the hotel and its guests.  Rudy continued to work on improvements and enhance the capabilities of the automated shop. In 1996 Compu Shop was  granted a  patent for its unique and innovative equipment that delivers over 400 products.

By the end of 1995, a decision was made to move the operations of Compu Shop to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Because of the distance involved, the automated shop was removed from the Sheraton hotel in Atlanta and was reinstalled in a warehouse setting in Minneapolis, where improvements could continue to be made. In late 1997, Compu Shop began to install automated hotel gift shops in the Minneapolis area. Again, well received, the automated shops proved extremely reliable and are now in operation in more than 15 Minneapolis hotels. 

In the fall of 1999, Compu Shop designed and installed the "Chase Manhattan Lending Library" in Monroe, Louisiana. The "automated" library required Compu Shop to design and implement the return of products to inventory along with its established technology to automatically deliver products. 

In June of 1999, Jim Phelps, the sole stockholder and CEO of Northcrest Corporation became a major stockholder , chairman of the board, and the new CEO of Compu Shop, Inc. Jim's financial strength and extensive management experience, brought to Compu Shop the ability to continue its development of new technology and to apply its existing technology to new industries and new markets.

In the new millenium Compu Shop began to work with General Mills and Honeywell to design and install "employee centers" which will provide their employees with products and services that are "automatically" available 24 hours a day.

Other applications that make use of Compu Shops unique self service automation technology are under development. Compu Shop expects to become the leader in the newly emerging market for self service automation equipment.


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