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This is a simple web page development editor. It is intended to give you some understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If you have never developed web pages before you may need to go to another tutorial such as W3Schools where you can begin to learn about web page development from the level of understanding you currently have.

If you wish to continue here and experiment with CSS look at the following simple web page. Note that the < style > tag is inside the < head > tag. Any style properties we want to assign to tag elements in the HTML body of the page we place within the <style> tag in the head section of our page. Note that we have assigned the <p> tag a color property of "red". Click the submit button and see that the text within the <p> tag is red. Now change the color, purhaps to "purple" or "green". Click the submit button and observe the text color change. There are hundreds of style properties that affect the appearance of our HTML elements. You may see a list of them here.   With CSS we assign these properties to our HTML elements apart from the body of the the web page by placing the style attributes in the head section of our page. The element is designated by reference and then its attributes or properties are assigned.